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Vasaka is a unique herb that helps support the bronchial function with broncho-dilatory, expectorant and mucolytic properties. It normalizes lung function. Vasaka contains Vasicine and Vasicinone that liquefy sputum in tenacious cough and helps avert frequent attacks of cough.

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Vasaka is a modern herb preparation which is taken in treatment of productive cough, bronchitis and bronchial asthma. Vasicine and Vasicinone are 2 major active compound found in Vasaka, which possess bronchodilatory activity and inhibit allergen – induced bronchial obstruction.

Vasaka exhibits antitussive activity, which may be due to the action of vasicinone and vasicinol, which have activity in the cerebral medulla by active as codeine.

Vasaka contains the pyrroquinazoline alkaloids, including vasicine, vasicol and vasinone along with other minor constituents. Vasicine and vasinone are the major bioactive constituents of Vasaka which have bronchodilatory and antitussive properties. The alkaloids present in the plant show significant protection against allergen-induced bronchial obstruction.

Vasaka's main ingredient is: Extract of Malabar Nut.


Vasaka is available in capsules which are taken by mouth.

It is recommended to take 1 Vasaka capsule twice a day after meals.


If you overdose Vasaka and you don't feel good you should visit your doctor or health care provider immediately.


Store at room temperature between 15 and 30 degrees C (59 and 86 degrees F) away from moisture, light and heat. Keep this medicine in the original bottle. Throw away any unused medicine after the expiration date. Keep out of the reach of children.

Side effects

The most common side effects associated with Vasaka are:

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Side effect occurrence does not only depend on medication you are taking, but also on your overall health and other factors.


Do not take Vasaka if you are allergic to Vasaka components.

Do not use Vasaka if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

Do not use Vasaka in children below 14 years old.

Tulsi has a very high safety margin with exceptionally low toxicity, providing general beneficial effects without adverse reactions or other undesirable side effects.

Always give your health care provider a list of all the medicines, herbs, non-prescription drugs, or dietary supplements you use.

vasaka syrup

This Decree authorizes separations in civil marriages in Colombia to be effected before a notary in cases of mutual consent. In such cases, the public instrument is to make provision for children and spousal support. An agreement of the spouses regarding their reciprocal obligations and their common children can be modified by common agreement before a notary or revised through judicial proceedings in accordance with the law.

vasaka capsule

This model of ischemia caused early striatal infarction but delayed necrosis in the cortex. The striatum showed marked MRI changes from 4 hours of reperfusion. By 12 hours, the striatal ADC signal intensity ratio to the homologous contralateral region was 30% reduced, and the TTC staining evidenced infarction. Contrarily, the cortical ADC ratio was only 15% reduced, and TTC staining was normal at 12 hours. After this time, the cortex showed sudden and pronounced (>30%) ADC signal intensity changes coincidentally with the manifestation of infarction, accompanied with severe vacuolation and unambiguous signs of neuronal and astroglial death.

himalaya vasaka online

Using an in vitro thrombolytic model, A. nilotica, L. speciosa, A. indica, and J. adhatoda at 5 mg extract/ml NaCl solution concentration showed 15.1%, 15.49%, 21.26%, and 19.63% clot lysis activity respectively. The reference streptokinase showed 47.21%, and 24.73% clot lysis for 30,000 IU and 15,000 IU concentrations, respectively whereas 0.9% normal saline showed 5.35% clot lysis.

vasaka dosage

Therapeutic success of treatment of cerebral diseases must be assessed in terms of functional outcome. In experimental stroke studies, this has been limited to behavioral studies combined with morphological evaluations and single time point functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) measurements but lacking the access to understanding underlying mechanisms for alterations in brain activation. Using a recently developed blood oxygenation level-dependent fMRI protocol to study longitudinal and intraindividual profiles of functional brain activation in the somatosensory system, we have demonstrated activation reemergence in the original representation field as the basic principle of functional recovery from experimental stroke. No plastic reorganization has been observed at any time point during 7 weeks after stroke induction. Applying combined recording of fMRI and somatosensory evoked potentials, we observed a tight coupling of electrical brain activity and hemodynamic response at all times, indicating persistent preservation of neurovascular coupling. Identification of functional brain recovery mechanisms has important implications for the understanding of brain plasticity after cerebral lesions, whereas preservation of neurovascular coupling is important for the clinical translation of fMRI.

vasaka cough syrup

The second edition of the Hare Psychopathy Checklist-Revised (Hare 2003) describes facets that allow a more accurate measure of interpersonal, affective, lifestyle and antisocial aspects.

vasaka herbal medicine

The effects of ethanolic extracts of J. spicigera (JSE) on the glucose uptake in insulin-sensitive and insulin-resistant murine 3T3-F442A and human subcutaneous adipocytes was evaluated. The antioxidant activities of the extract of JSE was determined by ABTS and DPPH methods. Additionally, it was evaluated the antidiabetic properties of JSE on T2DM model.

vasaka syrup ip

The H-atom transfer (HAT) from water to ketyl radicals, mediated by titanocene(iii) aqua-complexes, can explain the Ti(III)-promoted reduction of ketones in aqueous medium better than the conventional House mechanism. Moreover, we also report novel evidences supporting the existence of these titanocene(iii) aqua-complexes.

vasaka himalaya drug

Titanocene carboxylate 1 is an excellent chemoselective reagent for unprecedented α-regioselective Barbier-type reactions. It constitutes the first titanocene(III) able to tolerate epoxides and readily reduced carbonyl compounds, such as aromatic and α,β-unsaturated aldehydes.

m vasaka syrup

Interestingly, differential results have been obtained which indicate the variability of the mode of actions for the selected plants. Additionally, the reversible interaction of A. vasica against AChE and the potent activity of F. assafoetida against COX-1 make them effective, new and promising agents for treatment of AD in the future, either as total extracts or their single bioactive constituents.

vasaka tablets

The siblings of schizophrenia probands had a significantly increased two-hour mean glucose concentration compared to the control subjects (respective means [SD] were 100.5 mg/dL [27.7] vs. 78.0 [12.3]; p<0.03). Baseline glucose concentrations did not differ.

vasaka review

To generate normative data on the Boston Naming Test (BNT) across 10 countries in Latin America, with country-specific adjustments for gender, age, and education, where appropriate.

himalaya vasaka capsules

Sickle cell disease or drepanocytosis is caused by the polymerisation of abnormal haemoglobin S when oxygen tension decreases. This lead to the changes in the shape of red blood cells and anaemia. It has also been postulated that the red cells of patients with sickle cell disease contain a higher than normal concentration of calcium ions. These ions are bound to membrane proteins resulting in dehydration and loss of red blood cell deformability and cell-to-cell adherence. Anthocyanins extracted from some Congolese plants used in traditional medicine against sickle cell disease have recently been shown to have anti-sickling activity in vitro. Justicia secunda is a plant used in Congo by Jehovah's Witnesses, well known for their refusal of blood transfusions, against anaemia.

tulsi vasaka syrup

The present study was undertaken to test the efficacy of 11 commonly available medicinal plants and compare its efficacy in relation to larvicidal and mosquitocidal activities against larvae and adults of Anopheles stephensi (Liston). All the medicinal plants and the mixture were effective against larvae of A. stephensi as evidenced by low lethal concentration and lethal time. The lethality varied in adults and plant extracts of mixture; Eucalyptus globulus, Cymbopogan citratus, Artemisia annua, Justicia gendarussa, Myristica fragrans, Annona squamosa, and Centella asiatica were found to be most effective. Larval mortality between 80% and 100% was observed in mixture treatment, C. asiatica and E. globulus. The adults that emerged from all the treatments were malformed. Further, the treated larvae showed significant decrement in the levels of protein, carbohydrate, and lipids and affect negatively the presence of certain amino acids. The present findings have important implications in the practical control of mosquito larvae and adults in the aquatic ecosystem as the medicinal plants studied are commonly available in large quantities. These plant extracts are easy to prepare, inexpensive, and safe for mosquito control which might be used directly as larvicidal and mosquitocidal agents in small volume aquatic habitats or breeding sites of around human dwellings.

vasaka ayurvedic medicine

Plants have been used by humans since the ancient times, for eating, for clothing and for curing illnesses. The noxious effects of many medicinal plants are still ignored, mainly during pregnancy.

himalaya vasaka review

The ESPIA questionnaire to assess patient satisfaction with respect to AIT treatment presented satisfactory psychometric properties for its use in clinical practice.

vasaka drug

These findings suggest that anthocyanin extracts play a role in both stabilising the red blood cell membrane and inhibiting polymerisation of haemoglobin S. This provides a possible molecular basis for earlier reports on the anti-sickling properties of anthocyanins from some Congolese plants and their use in the management of sickle cell disease by Congolese traditional healers.

vasaka syrup

Ibervillea sonorae Greene, Cucurbita ficifolia Bouché, Tagetes lucida Cav and Justicia spicigera Scheltdd are Mexican native plants used in the treatment of different illnesses. The ethanolic extract of J. spicigera and T. lucida as well as aqueous extracts from I. sonorae, C. ficifolia, T. lucida and J. spicigera were investigated using sulforhodamine B assay. These extracts were assessed using two cell line: T47D (Human Breast cancer) and HeLa (Human cervix cancer). Colchicine was used as the positive control. Data are presented as the dose that inhibited 50% control growth (ED50). All of the assessed extracts were cytotoxic (ED50 < 20 microg/ml) against T47D cell line, meanwhile only the aqueous extract from T. lucida and the ethanolic extract from J. spicigera were cytotoxic to HeLa cell line. Ethanolic extract from J. spicigera presented the best cytotoxic effect. The cytotoxic activity of J. spicigera correlated with one of the popular uses, the treatment of cancer.

vasaka capsule

The formation of large scale biofilms on dialysis membrane for 72 h was proved to be the best surface. In microscopic studies, very few exopolysaccaride fibrils, indicating a rather loose matrix was observed at 48 h. Further, thick exopolysaccaride, indicated higher adhesive properties at 72 h which is evident from ruthenium red staining. Among the plant extract used, Justicia wynaadensis leaf and Aristolochia indica (Eswari) root extract showed significant reduction of anti-biofilm activity of 0.178 OD and 0.192 OD in inhibiting mature biofilms at 0.225 OD respectively, suggesting the possible use of these extracts as efficient anti-adhesive and biofilm-disrupting agents with potential applications in controlling biofilms on surfaces.

himalaya vasaka online

Two new lignan glycosides, 4-O-[alpha-L-arabinopyranosyl-(1' "-->2' ')-beta-D-xylopyranosyl-(1' " '-->5' ')-beta-D-apiofuranosyl]diphyllin (1), named ciliatoside A (1), and 4-O-¿[beta-D-apiofuranosyl-(1' " "-->3' ")-alpha-L-arabinopyranosyl-(1' "-->2' ')][beta-D-xylopyranosyl-(1' " '-->5' ')]-beta-D-apiofuranosyl¿diphyllin (2), named ciliatoside B (2), were isolated from the whole plant of Justicia ciliata. The structures of 1 and 2 were determined by spectral and chemical methods. Compounds 1 and 2 strongly inhibited the accumulation of NO(2)(-) in lipopolysaccharide-stimulated RAW 264.7 cells in a concentration-dependent manner with IC(50) values of 27.1 +/- 1.6 and 29.4 +/- 1.4 microM, respectively.

vasaka dosage

According to the results, there is a discrepancy between INE and IML about the number of suicides in Spain. Neither of the two sources can be considered more reliable than the other.

vasaka cough syrup

Lower testosterone level is consistent with accelerated aging in nonaffective psychosis, but further testing of this hypothesis is needed.

vasaka herbal medicine

The prevalence of allergic rhinitis due to house-dust mites (HDMs) is high and increasing. Treatment guidelines and consensus statements are available, but few data exist on how these are followed in clinical practice in Spain. This study was designed to collect data on diagnosis and treatment of allergic rhinitis due to HDMs and adherence to guidelines in Spanish specialized clinical practice.

vasaka syrup ip

This study examines the effects of age, gender, a cold water medium versus warm water medium, and salinity on strontium levels determined in left ventricular blood in drownings. Significant differences in the amount of strontium absorbed into the bloodstream (p<0.001) were detected between individuals who drowned in fresh water versus those drowning in seawater, and between those drowning in cold water versus warm water (p=0.030). However, no significant differences were noted in the strontium concentrations of left ventricular blood according to gender or age.

vasaka himalaya drug

According with our results, ectopic expression of the bcl-2 gene prevented apoptosis without changes in morphology or phenotype in the absence of GM-CSF and serum or the presence of the extract from Justicia spicigera. Consisting with the Bcl-2 function, we found that Bcl-2 did not change response to GM-CSF. Serum deprivation or GM-CSF withdrawal induces cell death at 36 hours in TF-1 and TF-1neo cells, whereas TB-1 cells undergo apoptotic membrane blebbing after 96 hours under the same conditions.

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himalaya vasaka review 2016-11-05

This Decree authorizes buy vasaka a civil marriage in Colombia to be celebrated before a public notary. Further provisions set forth the procedures for such a celebration.

vasaka dosage 2016-02-04

Insertion-deletions have been reported very useful markers for forensic purposes. To further deepen in this matter, 38 non-coding bi-allelic autosomal indels were analyzed in 575 individuals representing six populations from the northern fringe of the Iberian Peninsula. Autochthonous populations from the buy vasaka Basque Country, northern Navarre, the Pas Valley in Cantabria and Aragon were analyzed, together with non-autochthonous populations from the Basque Country and northern Navarre. At the intra-population level, all loci analyzed were in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium except for marker rs33917182 in autochthonous Basques. Linkage disequilibrium (LD) test did not reveal statistically significant allelic association between the different loci pairs in all six populations. Forensic parameters proved to be highly informative in the six populations analyzed, even if a scenario with population substructure and local inbreeding was considered for match probability calculations, and the potential of this indels set to be used in combination with other genetic markers is remarkable. As for inter-population analyses, in general terms the six populations showed low but statistically significant genetic distances. However, though this indels set efficiently differentiate between main ancestries, it does not allow an accurate separation at a local level and, for the time being, their combination with other informative markers is needed to maximize the power to accurately differentiate populations with close genetic ancestry.

m vasaka syrup 2017-11-02

Stroke induces strong expression of the 72-kDa heat-shock protein (HSP-70) in the ischaemic brain, and neuronal expression of HSP-70 is associated with the ischaemic penumbra. The aim of this study was to image induction of Hsp-70 gene expression in vivo after brain ischaemia using reporter buy vasaka mice.

himalaya vasaka online 2016-12-06

The isolation of jusmicranthin (1), a novel lignan from Justicia neesii, is reported. Compound 1 represents buy vasaka a new class of angularly fused arylnaphthalides having a gamma-hydroxylactone unit.

vasaka cough syrup 2016-09-24

Justicia adhatoda ( buy vasaka vasaka) leaves have long been used in Indian Ayurvedic system of medicine as antitussive. Its crude extract has been previously reported to have hepatoprotective activity. Vasicinone was isolated from leaves of J. adhatoda, column purified and characterized using, TLC UV, FT-IR and 1H NMR. The isolated vasicinone was evaluated for hepatoprotective activity using (CCl4)-induced acute hepatotoxicity model in mice. CCl4 treatments lead to significant increase in SGOT, SGPT, ALP levels. Pre-treatment with vasicinone and silymarin (25 mg/kg/day for 7 days) significantly decreased these enzyme levels. Histopathology of the livers from vasicinone and silymarin pre-treated animals showed normal hepatic cords and absence of necrotic changes suggesting pronounced recovery from CCl4 induced liver damage. Both vasicinone and silymarin significantly decrease the CCl4 mediated increase in pentobarbital indiced sleeping time in experimental animals, thus indicating recovery of liver function. Based on the above results it can be concluded that vasicinone may act as hepatoprotective in mice and warrants further investigation on human volunteers.

vasaka review 2015-05-26

The aim of the present study was to evaluate the role of buy vasaka vitamin D on LT-ARI in paediatric patients.

vasaka tablets 2015-03-08

Tuberculosis (TB) is known to mankind as one of the most pervasive and persistent of diseases since the early days of civilization. The growing resistance of the causative pathogen Mycobacterium tuberculosis to the standard drug regimen for TB poses further difficulty in its treatment and control. Screening of novel plant-derived compounds with promising anti-tubercular activity has been cited as a prospective route for new anti-tubercular drug discovery and design. Justicia adhatoda L. is a perennial evergreen shrub which is widely mentioned buy vasaka in scientific literature on account of its potent anti-mycobacterial properties. In the present study, we have employed a series of computational methodologies to reveal the probable molecular interactions of vasicine, the principal alkaloid of Justicia adhatoda L., and two of its close natural derivatives- vasicinone and deoxyvasicine, with certain biological targets in M. tuberculosis. Targets were identified from literature and through a reverse Pharmacophore-based approach. Subsequent comparative molecular docking to identify the best ligand-target interactions revealed Antigen 85C of M. tuberculosis as the most potent biological target of vasicine on the basis of optimum molecular docking values. A chemogenomics approach was also employed to validate the molecular interactions between the same class of chemical compounds as vasicine and Antigen 85C. Further, a library of structural analogs of vasicine was created by bioiosterism-based drug design to identify structural analogs with better inhibitory potential against Antigen 85C.

vasaka drug 2015-07-05

人道主义紧急事件引发关键的医疗保健服务崩溃?往往使弱势群体依赖于外部医疗机构。在资源有限的环境中?这种情况可能在极端贫困、营养不良、不安全、文化水平低和基础设施差的背景下发生。在这种情况下?提供食物、水和住所并限制传染病爆发成为首当其冲的问题。如果可以提供安全有效的疫苗来减少疾病爆发的风险?则其潜在的部署就是满足紧急医疗需求的重要考虑因素。决定部署疫苗时道德的考虑因素至关重要。在严重的人道主义紧急事件中分配供应短缺的疫苗、设定目标群体、制定战略、监测和研究都涉及道德方面的考虑?而这些问题往往源于个人和共同利益之间的紧张关系。作者阐述了在人道主义紧急事件中在考虑部署大规模疫苗接种时政策制定者需要牢记的道德问题?包括有利?谨慎责任和救援规则?、无害原则、自治和自愿以及分配与程序正义 buy vasaka

vasaka ayurvedic medicine 2016-11-12

Prevention methods to avoid transmission of pathogens, including HIV, are crucial in the control of infectious diseases, not only to block epidemic spread but to avoid buy vasaka long-term treatments leading to emergence of resistances and drug associated side effects. Together with vaccine development, the discovery of new virucidal agents represents a research priority in this setting. In the screening of new compounds with antiviral activity, three Guatemalan plant extracts from Justicia reptans, Neurolaena lobata and Pouteria viridis were evaluated with a classic antiviral assay and were found to inhibit HIV replication. This activity was corroborated by an original recombinant virus assay, leading us to perform a deeper study of the virucidal activity. Active fractions were non-toxic in vitro and also inhibited other enveloped viruses. Moreover, these fractions were able to inhibit the transfer of HIV from dendritic cells (DCs) to lymphocytes, that represents the main way of HIV spread in vivo.

tulsi vasaka syrup 2015-10-13

The radiomodulatory influence of ethanolic extract of Adhatoda vasica Nees leaf extract against radiation-induced hematological alterations in peripheral blood of Swiss albino mice was studied at various post-irradiation intervals between 6 h to 30 days. Oral administration of A. vasica leaf extract (800 mg/ buy vasaka kg body weight) prior to whole body irradiation showed a significant protection in terms of survival percentage and hematological parameters. Mice exposed to radiation (8.0 Gy) without A. vasica leaf extract pre-treatment exhibited signs of radiation sickness like anorexia, lethargicity, ruffled hairs and diarrhoea and such animals died within 25 days post-irradiation. The dose reduction factor (DRF = 1.6) for A. vasica leaf extract was calculated from LD50/30 values. A significant decline in hematological constituents (RBCs, WBCs, Hb and Hct) was evident till day 15 and no animal could survive beyond day 25. Conversely, animals pre-treated with A. vasica leaf extract showed 81.25% survival till 30 days after exposure and a gradual recovery was noted in the hematological values. However, these hematological values remained significantly below the normal even till day 30. A significant decrease in blood reduced glutathione (GSH) content and increase in lipid peroxidation (LPO) level was observed in control animals (Radiation alone). However, A. vasica leaf extract pretreated irradiated animals exhibited a significant increase in GSH content and decrease in LPO level. A significant increase in the serum alkaline phosphatase activity and decrease in acid phosphatase activity was observed in A. vasica leaf extract pretreated irradiated animals during the entire period of study.

vasaka syrup ip 2016-03-25

Efficacy and safety of Staloral, as demonstrated by the revision of the studies, which used doses up to 1125 times those administered with SCIT, are very satisfactory and confer to this allergen extract optimal characteristics for treating patients with seasonal allergies buy vasaka due to pollens or with perennial symptoms induced by dust mites. The main mechanism of action is the interaction with dendritic cells of the oral mucosa and the subsequent tolerance induced in T cells.

vasaka herbal medicine 2016-05-04

This article offers an approach to the present juridical situation of the processes of occupational incapacity - in the contributive and non-contributive types - for patients with psychological disorders, taking into account the wide range of nuances that this implies. Finally, some verdicts of the Spanish Superior Court of Justice are buy vasaka added, in order to illustrate the present situation about the jurisprudence referring to permanent contributive incapacity.

vasaka himalaya drug 2016-01-29

Plants used include Piper hispidum, Pithecelobium unguis-cati, Bauhinia excisa, Bauhinia cumanensis, Cecropia peltata, Aframomum melegueta, Aristolochia rugosa, Aristolochia trilobata, Jatropha curcas, Jatropha gossypifolia, Nicotiana tabacum, Vernonia scorpioides, Petiveria alliacea, Renealmia alpinia, Justicia secunda, Phyllanthus urinaria,Phyllanthus niruri,Momordica charantia, Xiphidium caeruleum, Ottonia ovata, Lepianthes peltata, Capsicum frutescens, Costus scaber, Dendropanax arboreus, Siparuma guianensis, Syngonium podophyllum, Monstera dubia, buy vasaka Solanum species, Eclipta prostrata, Spiranthes acaulis, Croton gossypifolius, Barleria lupulina, Cola nitida, Acrocomia ierensis (tentative ID).

himalaya vasaka capsules 2017-08-30

Some studies suggest individuals with schizophrenia have an buy vasaka increased risk of diabetes prior to antipsychotic use. Small sample sizes and the potential for confounding by hypercortisolaemia have decreased confidence in those results.

vasaka syrup 2016-07-09

A recombinant inbred population developed from a cross between high-yielding lowland rice (Oryza sativa L.) subspecies indica cv. IR64 and upland tropical rice subspecies japonica cv. Cabacu was used to identify quantitative trait loci (QTLs) for grain yield (GY) and component traits under reproductive-stage drought stress. One hundred fifty-four lines were grown in field trials in Indonesia under aerobic conditions by giving surface irrigation to field capacity every 4 days. Water stress was imposed for a period of 15 days during pre-flowering by withholding irrigation at 65 days after seeding. Leaf rolling was scored at the end of the stress period and eight agronomic traits were evaluated after recovery. The population was also evaluated for root pulling force, and a total of 201 single nucleotide polymorphism markers were used to construct the molecular genetic linkage map and QTL mapping. A QTL for GY under drought stress was identified in a region close to the sd1 locus on chromosome 1. QTL meta-analysis across diverse populations showed that this QTL was conserved across genetic backgrounds and co-localized with QTLs for leaf rolling and osmotic adjustment (OA). A QTL for percent seed set and grains per panicle under drought stress was identified on chromosome 8 in the same region as a Zithromax 500mg Pills QTL for OA previously identified in three different populations.

vasaka capsule 2017-09-25

An analysis was performed on 6 cross-sectional data studies in two sentinel populations of young people from the Aggrenox Cost period 2007-2014. Behavioural indicators were recorded and urine specimens were collected for analysis by PCR. The prevalence and trends are described, and the variables associated with infection were evaluated using multivariate logistic regression analysis.

himalaya vasaka review 2015-06-12

Bilastine 20 mg significantly reduced the AUC of TSS to a greater degree from baseline compared to placebo (98.4 with bilastine vs 118.4 with placebo; P < 0.001), but not compared to desloratadine 5 mg (100.5). Bilastine 20 mg was not different from desloratadine 5 mg but significantly more effective than placebo in improving the NSS, NNSS, and rhinitis-associated discomfort scores (P < 0.05), and rhinoconjunctivitis quality of life Plavix 45 Mg questionnaire total (P < 0.005) and four out of seven individual domain (P < 0.05) scores. The incidence of treatment emergent adverse events was similar for bilastine (20.6%), desloratadine (19.8%), and placebo (18.8%).

vasaka dosage 2015-06-29

The findings demonstrate both a pro-angiogenic and protective effect of citicoline on hCMEC/D3 in vitro and following middle cerebral artery Biaxin 800 Mg occlusion (MCAO) in vivo.

m vasaka syrup 2017-06-02

In a search for new anti-HIV active leads from over several thousands of plant extracts, we have identified a potent plant lead. The active plant is determined as Justicia gendarussa (Acanthaceae), a medicinal plant that has been used for the treatment of injury, arthritis and rheumatism in Asia including China. Our bioassay-guided fractionation of the methanol extract of the stems and barks of the plant led to the isolation of two anti-HIV compounds, justiprocumins A and B. The compounds are identified as new arylnaphthalide lignans (ANL) glycosides. We further determined that the ANL glycosides are the chemical constituents that contribute to the anti-HIV activity of this plant. Justiprocumin B displayed potent activity against a broad spectrum of HIV strains with IC50 values in the range of 15-21 nM (AZT, IC50 77-95 nM). The compound also displayed potent inhibitory activity against the NRTI (nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor)-resistant isolate (HIV-11617-1) of the analogue (AZT) as well as the NNRTI (non Zocor Generic Name -nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor)-resistant isolate (HIV-1N119) of the analogue (nevaripine).

himalaya vasaka online 2015-01-29

Patients had significantly higher prolactin concentrations: female patients had a mean [SD] of 37.1 ng/mL [24.9] vs. 13.5 ng/mL [7.2] for female control subjects (p=.001), while male patients had a mean of 15.3 ng/mL [9.5] vs. 7.6 ng/mL [2.2] for male control subjects (p=.006). Patients and control subjects did not differ on concentrations of Ponstel S Medicine TSH, ghrelin, or cortisol. The group differences could not be attributed to differences in age, gender, smoking, body mass index, ethnicity, or the socioeconomic status of the family of origin.

vasaka cough syrup 2015-07-10

Plants, Syzygium gratum, Justicia gangetica and Limnocharis flava were extracted with ethyl acetate, and each crude extract analysed for their total phenolics content by Folin-Ciocalteu method. Their antioxidant activity was assessed using the ABTS system. The extracts were then assayed for cytotoxicity on two gastric cancer cell lines Kato-III and NUGC-4, and Propecia Quarter Dose compared with Hs27 fibroblasts as a control using the MTT assay. The cell viability (%), IC50 values, as well as the ultrastructural alterations were evaluated after treatment with one way analysis of variance (ANOVA).

vasaka review 2015-11-02

Acute toxicity (24 h) and general behavior in mice of a lignan from Justicia hyssopifolia, a beta-D-glucoside (elenoside), was studied, and the cytotoxic activity was performed. Elenoside (arylnaphthalene lignan) in mice showed a moderate toxicity order (305 mg/kg) and central depressive properties at doses of 25, 50, and 100 mg/kg. It also displayed cytotoxic activity in a range of concentration of 10(-5)-10(-4) M when studied in the human tumor cell line panel of the US National Cancer Institute (NCI). The results indicated that elenoside has central depressant effects, and the cytotoxic activity of elenoside suggests that this compound and its genin derivatives merit further investigation as antitumoral drugs. Asacol Maintenance Dose